Sunday, October 12, 2014

Italy Day 3: Capri

Despite feeling a bit woozy from all the boat rides, this was one of my favorite days on the trip. We used this itinerary as a starting point and then improvised where we saw fit. While there was the beautiful scenery everywhere in Capri, the Blue Grotto was a truly unique experience.

There are ferries from Sorrento to Capri every 10-20 minutes so it's pretty easy to get there. Once we arrived, we signed up for a boat tour of the island. The tour guide didn't provide much commentary so we just sat back and enjoyed the view. My favorite was of the Green Grotto.

We concluded at the Blue Grotto, where there were tons of boats waiting to get in. There wasn't really a line so I don't know how they decided who got to go next. We waited about 45 minutes before it was our turn. I'm not complaining though - the day we went was the first time the Blue Grotto had been open in 6 days! Depending on weather and water conditions, it's not always open to visitors so we got extremely lucky. Admissions into the Blue Grotto are not included with the boat tours and the boaters are not shy about demanding a hefty tip, so we ended up paying almost 40 euros total for a 5 minute boat ride! It was worth it though. The blue glow is completely natural, gorgeous, and surreal.

When the tour concluded, we grabbed a quick lunch and then took multiple forms of transportation to get around and explore the views from various parts of the island - bus, chairlift, and funicular. The bus up to Anacapri was the most unpleasant one - the wait was very long and the ride was crowded, uncomfortable, and unventilated. Still, the beautiful views all around were worth it.

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