Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 34: Last Ultrasound, Car Seats, & Physical Symptoms

Last Ultrasound

Our latest (and likely last) ultrasound shows that baby Lucas is already over 5 pounds! In our families, babies don't come that big so to be over 5 pounds at a mere 34 weeks sounds humongous to us, even if that's just average for this stage. But more importantly, he's healthy and tracking to his due date. He's been super active and squirmy so we didn't get a good look at him.

Car Seats

I made an appointment with our local AAA office to have our car seats checked out next week. I definitely want to make sure Lucas is safe so I'm glad there are car seat checks available! I already have both the infant and toddler car seat because they were 25% off during Black Friday and I figured it would be easiest to have one car seat for each car and the toddler car seat capacity starts at 5 pounds. But most parents seem to tell me I have jumped the gun with buying it too early and I should have just bought another infant car seat base. I'm not sure why that is the case though? I'm not sure what I'm missing here...hmm. I guess I'll ask AAA about this.

Physical Symptoms

I am starting to feel soreness and aches in my hips - now I know why pregnant women waddle! All that pressure on the pelvis makes it hard to walk normally. This particularly sucks since I need to get up and go to the bathroom all the time. He's also running out of room to move so instead of those cute kicks I felt in the second trimester, his movements now make me feel like an alien is trying to bust out of my body.

While I haven't felt any contractions yet, I have a feeling that given my impatient personality and my family history (my mom gave birth to my brother, her firstborn, at 37 weeks), I will be delivering on the early side as well. So this is the weekend to launder all the baby clothes and accessories and pack my hospital bag! Jeff read about how expectant mothers start nesting feverishly towards the end - he says he can't imagine how much more nesting I can do. I told him I am certainly capable of much more nesting. The baby room isn't even set up yet - it's just piles of clutter and boxes at this point! It's funny how we have such different perspectives. :)

Hobbiton, New Zealand, November 2014

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