Sunday, March 8, 2015

Comfort food at Hana

We were in the mood for comfort food this weekend so we went over to Hana by Saratoga. There's really only one dish I love here, which is probably why we don't come out here more often. The menu is only available in English and Japanese, even though the food is exclusively Chinese. They disguise scallion panackes as "negi mochi". I wish they would just embrace their Chinese-ness!

I can never say no to dumplings but they make their dumpling filling a bit too sour, in my opinion. 

I don't typically find cabbage super exciting but I really like their spicy cabbage dish. Just enough kick to make this vegetable interesting and delicious.

This was my first time trying their spicy tan tan noodles - it will likely be my last time too. Way too much noodle and way too little of anything else. The flavor wasn't anything special.

This unassuming bowl of chicken and cilantro noodle soup is the star of this little restaurant. The noodles are perfectly al dente and the broth is so simple yet so amazing. This is the epitome of what I consider the perfect comfort food.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I probably won't be craving chicken noodle soup anytime per our usual cadence, I probably won't be back for another 6-8 months. Until then, Hana!

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  1. I would every now and then have craving for soup noodles and al dente sure sounds like something I would love about this noodles! My hubby love dumplings to bit and love them with lots of vinegar. He would love the sour ones here. =)