Thursday, May 28, 2015

China: Through the Looking Glass

One of our first stops in New York was the Met, even though we were just there in October. There was a special exhibit going on this time that I wanted to check out - China: Through the Looking Glass. My favorite part of the exhibit was the Chinese-inspired haute couture. The dresses were absolutely gorgeous - especially the blue and white ones designed by Chanel! If only I lived the sort of life where I could afford these dresses and have somewhere fabulous to wear them to...

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  1. Hi Emily, I was rather surprised by the title of this post as I thought these were in China. These dresses look pretty Western with a touch of Oriental which I like. Have fun in NYC! I miss that place.

    Drooling at your many food pic in the past few posts and I would gladly take the blue cheese butter for you. Hehehe... I hope that You got the Tiffany necklace that you like eventually!

    Can you believe it that I didn't even know of the legendary Chia Te before my gal pal introduced them? And when I posted about them on FB then, the whole world seems to know and rave about them. They really are soooo good.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière