Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Little Blue Box

Katie generously gifted me with a beautiful Tiffany's necklace for helping with her wedding. The necklace is a gorgeous, classic design that I love - it's the same one that Jeff got me for our one year dating anniversary 12 years ago! Yes, we've been together for a long time. :)

Katie had already included a gift receipt just in case, and graciously assured me that she wanted me to exchange it for something I don't already own. Here are some other beautiful necklaces that I'm considering as an alternative:

Paloma Picasso®:Villa Paloma<br>Flower Pendant

Elsa Peretti®:Bean® Pendant

I love the feminine design of the flower, as well as the simple, timeless design of the bean. I'm leaning slightly more towards the flower, only because I've never seen that on anyone in real life before. Both are beautiful options though! I'll have go to the store in person to check out how they look on me.


  1. I love love these amazing pieces, especially The Villa Paloma Flower. Absolutely stunning necklaces.

    New post is up @http://livingoncloude9.com/

  2. The one you chose is my favourite
    Garland Girl

  3. These delicate pieces are really lovely! The Villa Paloma flower design is gorgeous!