Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 28: Maternity Wear

Maternity Wear

I've mentioned that maternity wear is difficult to shop for. There are not too many items of maternity clothing that fit well, are comfortable, and work across all 9 months of pregnancy - which is really unfortunate because it makes maternity wear even less versatile. Ugh.

For example - this H&M dress fit well in my second trimester but now that I'm in my third trimester, it's not quite as stretchy and comfortable. $29.99 is a bit high for a very plain H&M dress that's not made of particularly good material!

The one pair of maternity jeans I've bought are these Old Navy maternity flare jeans - they're comfortable except they keep sliding down so I'm constantly tugging at them all day long. The 2.5 star reviews on the website are pretty accurate!

Interestingly enough, the items that fit the best are my non-maternity clothes. Maybe because they have proven to be most versatile and comfortable. I loved this Jersey A-Line dress pre-pregnancy and continue to love it through my pregnancy - I even wore it to our coed baby shower this past week.

While these boots aren't technically maternity wear, the low heel makes it safe for me to wear throughout pregnancy. I was surprised how comfortable and cute they are, considering they're from Target. Boots have a way of looking saggy around my ankles, which I find super unflattering.  I've been looking for boots at a higher price point for awhile and I haven't found a pair that fits well as well as these Target Merona boots. They don't look or feel cheap at all - they are definitely worth the $28 I paid for them. I'm almost tempted to pick up a second pair in grey or black. I just worry that boots made of synthetic material will stink up my feet so I'm trying to resist the urge to stock up on cheap shoes. 

Baby Shower

Katie and Tzui graciously hosted a shower for us this past weekend! I don't have the pictures yet but suffice it to say, it was amazing. I loved getting a chance to catch up with a bunch of my favorite people at the same time, while eating delicious treats until I was stuffed to the gills. I'm so touched by how much baby Lucas is loved!

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