Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 30: Baby Shower Recap and Being Pretty and Jealousy

Baby Shower Recap

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our awesome friends threw us an amazing baby shower! Here are a few pics of the awesome dessert and hors-d'oeuvres table. 

Love this diaper cake, especially with the little booties on top. Also, a sneak peek of the reusable bags that Katie had made as favors for the guests.

There was also a ton of food we forgot to take pictures of: some large trays of salad and pasta from Bucca di Beppo and 5 pizza pies from Delfina. Delfina states that they can do half-baked pizzas on their website but they misheard when we ordered so they ended up baking them fully and taking 20 minutes longer than they promised. I am currently on a Delfina strike because of I'm still miffed at how the server nonchalantly said "oh yeah I didn't hear that you wanted half baked...sorry it took so long." Don't cross a pregnant woman!

Nonetheless, the shower was just right for us - we didn't want to go overboard by inviting too many people. Katie's house can only fit so many of us! Plus I didn't want to seem too gift grabby. In our current stage of life, we can broadly categorize our friends into three buckets:

- Friends with kids, who have their hands full trying to manage their kids
- Friends without kids who are happily enjoying their kid-free stage 
- Friends without kids who are really hoping to have kids soon

Maybe it's just me but it feels awkward to celebrate this stage in life with other friends, particularly since most can't relate. I feel like they have other things to worry about, the last thing they're thinking about is showering us and our new baby. I'm just not good at having the attention all directed at me and my growing bump!

Being Pretty and Jealousy

I was listening to a Fresh Air podcast with Jennifer Lawrence this week - I don't particularly love her but she actually made a few good points that stuck out in my mind as good parenting tips. Haha...go figure.
  • She grew up thinking she was ugly but it didn't matter to her. If she ever had a daughter, she wouldn't want her daughter to obsess over being pretty either. She'd want her daughter to question "Who cares how you look? Why does that matter?" I love that! If I ever have a daughter, I hope she will grow up this self-assured so that she doesn't care about her looks either.
  • When girls in school were mean to her, her mother would say "Oh they're just jealous of you!" Her brothers would then say "Don't tell her that! Maybe she's just an *sshole!" While a bit harsh, I think it's kind of awesome and true most of the time. I have always hated how parents always claim other kids are jealous of their perfect angelic wonderful kids who don't need to change at all. Regardless of jealousy, it doesn't mean that your kid isn't a jerk!

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