Monday, February 16, 2015


This past week, I was in Vegas for a conference. Clearly my phone enjoys Vegas - here's what it said every time I checked the weather app:

I normally stay at the Palazzo but this time it was all booked so I ended up at the Venetian instead. The Venetian is older but the layout and style is very similar to the Palazzo. It wasn't old and dingy like some colleagues had warned me it might be - not sure if my room had been updated?

I was in the Venezia Tower so my suite had a view of the Venetian tower.

My very large, comfortable suite for just me. One of the few differences I could spot between the Venetian and the Palazzo - Palazzo has remote controls for the curtains, whereas the Venetian curtains need to be adjusted manually. Not sure that qualifies the Venetian for the "old and dingy" category. 

An even more impressive bathroom - pretty sure this is almost bigger than my bedroom. The Venetian bathrooms don't come equipped with TV screens like the Palazzo ones do - somehow, I managed to survive. :)

The lobby was festively decorated for Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Sheep!

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