Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

I've recently been hunting for a bridesmaid dress for my dear friend Allison's wedding. This is the first time a bride hasn't dictated the dress for a wedding I've been in so it's been a lot of fun trying on different dresses. I love having an excuse to shop! ;)

She's given the bridesmaids a lot of different colors to choose from (yay!) - blush pink, nude, beige gold, and peach. I'm looking at gold or pink right now, since I think gold would contrast better with my pale-ish Asian complexion but I haven't found a lot of gold options that fit within Allison's guidelines. On the other hand, I'm finding a ton of light pink options as the spring season kicks off. Here are a few I've tried on so far:


I looked ridiculously matronly in this dress - it made me look like a grandma! I guess it didn't help that it was a bit big and long on me.


Jeff loved the way this French connection looked on me. Unfortunately, the slits in the front across the chest were a bit too risque for me. I'd have to find a way to wear a bra that covers up without showing through, which is basically impossible! Also, I worried that it was a little too business-y looking otherwise.


A lot of the blush pink options I came across were lace, which Allison is a big fan of. I thought this one looked just okay on me - it's a little odd that the slip is nude colored underneath, so it makes it seem like I'm just wearing a see-through pink lace dress.


This Adriana Papell lace dress is the top contender thus far (big plus for having a pink slip!). It's gotten rave reviews from everyone I've showed it to so far. I like that it comes with cups sewn in at the bust - super convenient! Even better, the price just went down from $168 to $140 in Nordstrom so I should be able to get a price adjustment. 

I'm still shopping around for a bit just in case, since I still have a few months to go until Allison's wedding. While the sheath lace dress is beautiful, I have to admit that lace is not my personal favorite. It can be a very delicate material and it doesn't seem that versatile. I also hate that sheath dresses can be so unforgiving after a big meal. Hopefully I'll find the perfect fit and flare dress in the perfect gold or blush pink color before August!

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