Monday, September 15, 2014

Dealing with uncertainty

SCA3 imposes a lot of fear in our lives. The obvious one being that if we have children, the children may inherit SCA3. With a lot of medical intervention, we could probably mitigate this risk but there are no guarantees. Even if the children were healthy, we would wonder how many healthy years Jeff has to spend with them. Sometimes I think about this with guilt and wistful sadness, since I was the one who wasn't ready to even talk about kids when we were younger.

There are other worries that SCA3 imposes that aren't necessarily related to kids. Do we need to invest in a more handicap-friendly home? How can we continue living in the SF Bay Area if we may have to live off one income in the future? Should we move to Taiwan for the affordable home care and healthcare options? Will Taiwan's social services still be available to us by the time that we need them?

I can't blame SCA3 for the uncertainty - that's self-imposed because up until now, we have chosen not to know. But now I start to wonder if ignorance really is bliss or I'm just burying my head in the sand. In the meantime, we keep praying for His wisdom, guidance, and hope.

Moorea, November 2013

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