Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rainbow cupcakes, shaved ice, and more

Panda Dumpling
I am always on the hunt for delicious soup dumplings. Unfortunately, I didn't find them at Panda Dumpling in Redwood City. I knew something was off when I walked into Panda Dumpling on a Friday evening and saw that it was mostly empty. Worse yet, we were the only Chinese patrons. Jeff says I should have known better than to trust an Asian restaurant with "Panda" in the title. Oops.

San Tung
San Tung in San Francisco is known for their legendary dry fried chicken wings. This time, we chose to get them diced, which makes eating them so much easier. Plus, diced wings means that there's more area for batter and crispy goodness. ;)

Sno Zen
Sno Zen is tucked away in a Mountain View townhouse community by the San Antonio Cal Train station, which makes parking rather challenging. Their Mango to Tango shaved snow is super yummy, but if you've had shaved ice in Taiwan, temper your expectations. This won't compare to the deliciousness of Ice Monster.

Last week, a super sweet and talented coworker Lori made these gorgeous rainbow cupcakes for another coworker's birthday. They were almost too pretty to eat! But of course, I managed to scarf it all down anyway. Yum!


  1. that shave ice looks so good! but I'll have to try your suggestion in Taipei ;)


    1. I would highly recommend the milk tea shaved ice with hot tapioca (on the side) and the jasmine tea shaved ice with ai yu jelly at Ice Monster!