Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mama Chen, Paris Baguette, and Tanto

Mama Chen
Mama Chen in Cupertino is one of our favorite restaurants. They have delicious Taiwanese food in a clean, spacious restaurant - a rare trifecta! This is the ultimate comfort food for us. It's pretty unhealthy though, so we try not to have it more than once a month.

Minced shrimp lettuce wraps - I love the texture and crunch that the bits of fried breadstick add to this dish.

Basil garlic fish tofu - it's a bit like fish ball texture in a rectangular shape. This dish can be a bit salty but I love it anyway. 

Rice with lard - this sounds pretty disgusting and I suppose it is when you think of how it's clogging your arteries. But the smell is so enticing and the taste is amazing.

Other notable dishes:
- Taiwanese hamburger
- stinky tofu (I hate this but Jeff loves this dish!)
- red yeast pork
- rick stick noodles

Paris Baguette
The blueberry chiffon cake at Paris Baguette is the best! When I'm not busy stuffing my face with cake, I'm exploring their other yummy treats. I love how there are so many locations so I'm never too far away from their baked goodness.

Passion fruit brioche bun - the cream is just the right balance of sweet and tart and smells just like real passion fruit.

Our friend Christina was in town on a business trip, so we took her to Tanto in Sunnyvale for Japanese izakaya style cuisine.

Yaki onigiri - comes with a delicious salmon filling!

Uni meshi - I didn't start loving uni until a few years ago, and now I'm borderline obsessed with it. 

Vanilla ice cream with mochi and soybean powder - It's as good as it looks. The portion size is very generous and easily feeds 3 people, if not more.

Other notable menu selections:
- sashimi salad
- garlic beef
- fresh tofu

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