Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

I was lucky enough to spend the holidays in Taiwan, indulging in delicious eats with loved ones. I only brought a small carry-on suitcase so I couldn't bring too much back but I did manage to bring home my favorite fruit pastries from Chia Te bakery. It's much easier to get to these days now that the MRT green line has been extended along Nanjing East Road - the bakery is a block away from the Nanjing Sanmin stop.

Since this bakery is uber popular, there is always a long line of Asian tourists outside with a bouncer managing crowd control. I dragged my poor grandma along to keep me company as we waited about 30 minutes to get in. They have a lot of other baked goods here but I focus on their flagship pastries - Taiwanese pineapple cakes. Jeff is pretty adventurous so he likes some of the other fruit flavors as well but in my humble opinion, none compare to pineapple!

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