Monday, January 19, 2015

Thoughts While Planning a Bridal Shower / Bachelorette

As I currently plan for Katie's bridal shower / bachelorette, I'm having a lot of fun looking up different ideas and activities. She's been pretty insistent on not having a "shower" or "bachelorette" so we won't be partaking in some of the typical rituals associated with these events. I've also been referring this celebration as a "Girl's Day Out" to make that distinction. I'll write some more about the activities we have planned in a later post.

Through this planning process, I'm remembering my own bridal shower - mainly because Katie is the one who saved me from a super embarrassing adult-themed party that I really didn't want. One particular "friend" thought it would be hilarious to plan an event centered around humiliating me with lots of adult paraphernalia, even though people told her that type of party wasn't my thing and I would not enjoy or appreciate it. It got so bad that I ended up telling everyone that I just didn't want a shower at all.

I will forever be grateful to Katie that she stepped in at that point. She ended up taking over and planned an amazing day for me - I only hope I can also plan a great day for her to feel loved, supported, and celebrated by some of her closest friends. But even if she didn't plan one for me, I still wouldn't go out of my way to plan a horrifying day for her. It befuddles me why anyone would put in the time and effort to plan an event for someone that they wouldn't enjoy. Who has that kind of time? While I could bash "friend" for hours on end (Jeff can attest to this!), I don't know how long my blog will remain anonymous so I'll just sum it up with one key takeaway - use my time and effort for good! Life is too short to waste time on anything else.

London, UK, March 2011

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  1. I'm so glad your shower turned around! I know it's "funny" and expected to be adult-themed, but I would rather do paintball or a night in Cabo, myself.

    Another Beautiful Thing